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fmtutil - Linux Command

       fmtutil-sys - utility for maintaining TeX format files system-wide

       fmtutil [ OPTION... ]  COMMAND

       fmtutil-sys [ OPTION... ]  COMMAND

       fmtutil  is  used to create or recreate format and hyphenation files or
       show information about format files.

       COMMAND is one of:

       --all  recreate all format files

       --byfmt formatname
              (re)create the format for format formatname

       --byhyphen hyphenfile
              (re)create formats that depend on the hyphenation  file  hyphen-

       --help print a summary of commands and options

              create any missing format files

       --showhyphen formatname
              print the name of the hyphenation file for the format formatname

       --cnffile file
              specify the configuration file fmtutil should use

              (not implemented, just for compatibility)

       --fmtdir directory
              set the destination directory  for  format  files  generated  by
              fmtutil to directory

              (not implemented, just for compatibility)

              (not implemented, just for compatibility)

       --test (not implemented, just for compatibility)
       None  known,  but  report any bugs found to <tetex@dbs.uni-hannover.de>
       (mailing list).

       fmtutil was written by Thomas  Esser  <te@dbs.uni-hannover.de>  and  is
       Copyright 1998 Thomas Esser.

       This  manual  page was written by C.M. Connelly <c@eskimo.com>, for the
       Debian GNU/Linux system and later slightly  adapted  for  the  teTeX  3

teTeX                            February 2005                      fmtutil(8)

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