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SNS added to AWS Console

Press Release from Amazon WS

We're excited to announce that we've added support for Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS) to the AWS Management Console. Amazon SNS makes it easy to manage and send notifications from the cloud. This service offers push notifications and pub-sub messaging which can be used to support distributed applications or move time-sensitive data to and from Amazon EC2 instances. The AWS Management Console adds the simplicity of a point-and-click web interface. You can now create topics, add subscribers, send notifications, and edit topic policies - all from your browser. In addition, the AWS Management Console can also be used to add or manage subscribers and publish messages over your protocol of choice (HTTP, email, SQS protocol, etc.).

The AWS Management Console is available free of charge at:


The Amazon SNS Team

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Amazon EC2 - Micro instances

Press Release from Amazon WS

We are excited to announce the immediate availability of Micro instances for Amazon EC2, a new, low cost instance type designed for lower throughput applications and web sites.

Micro instances provide 613 MB of memory and support 32-bit and 64-bit platforms on both Linux and Windows. Micro instance pricing for On-Demand instances starts at $0.02 per hour for Linux and $0.03 per hour for Windows.

Customers have asked us for a lower priced instance type that could satisfy the needs of their less demanding applications. Micro instances are optimized for applications that require lower throughput, but which still may consume significant compute cycles periodically. Micro instances provide a small amount of consistent CPU resources, and also allow you to burst CPU capacity when additional cycles are available.

Micro instances are available immediately in all regions, and we invite you to go and try one out for yourself today! Learn more about Amazon EC2's new Micro instances at

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