Linux Users Guide
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Free Amazon EC2 micro instances

Need a small machine for a year? AWS are offering a free trial on several of their services incliuding SimpleDB & EC2 micro instances.
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Add Date & Time to the history command

Have you ever caught yourself wondering when you, or someone else, typed a Linux command on your server?

Add this to your env and keep track of the dates and times

export HISTTIMEFORMAT="%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S - "

You can do this with any editor for example

# vi .bash_profile

You will get a nice little output like this.

# history
1006  2010-09-29 21:42:13 - ls -la
1007  2010-09-29 21:42:17 - pwd
1008  2010-09-29 21:42:19 - sudo su -
1009  2010-09-29 21:42:30 - history

Works with Ubuntu 10.04.

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Getting json errors on your php site ?

Seeing json_encode or json_decode errors in your Apache logs ?

PHP Fatal error:  Call to undefined function json_decode() in
/var/www/ on line 30

Here is how to fix them up.

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Better Cygwin terminal with Putty

Do you hate the MS-DOS prompt when using Cygwin ?

If so, get this.  A modified version of Putty which will login to your local cygwin without needing to start up sshd.

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Using the Find command

find is one of the most useful commands in linux

General finding files

find /path -type f 

Performing an action on what is found

Format: find /search/path -exec command_to_be_run {} \;
Example: find /etc -exec grep -i "linuxhost" {} \;

find manpage

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Manual Page or Man Pages are the basic system documentation.

Section 1 - txt format